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It is the state where hopes and dreams share stories of becoming Millionaires. It is the landmark of glamour and entertainment; where the sun sets shinning over the San Francisco Golden State. The only place in the universe, were stars rise above Angels. The only place where kids learn to skate before crawling and the greens surrounds the air like pollen in the spring. That state is CALIFORNIA. As far as 2012 if this state would separate from U.S It will be the 9th country in the world with the highest economy. This is the place that has seen us growing and help us become who we are. Without further introduction the family of Si Queres proudly presents to you our “Sunshine” T-shirt. The palms along the sunset are just a reminder of the beach culture that surrounds the coasts of California, from the Bay are to the West Coast. It is the state where ANYTHING can be possible as long as you want it, and what better way to show our appreciation and pride for it, than to share a T-shirt with all of you.


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